Shibori stitched and Indigo dyed zipped cushion covers, 40 x 40 cm £35.00 + p&p

Small zipped purses with Indigo dyed fabric £10.00 + p&p

Yoga eye pillows, lavender scented, great at blocking out the light and enhancing relaxation.  Indigo dyed fabric.  £12.00 + p&p

Sketchbooks with indigo dyed and Shibori stitched covers.  Watercolour paper £15.00 (A6).  Cartridge paper £12.50 (A6).  Cartridge paper A5 £18.50.

Email to order. 




Set of 4 - these brand new Frida Khalo inspired designs only £10 (INCLUDING p&p to UK only) with 10% to Red Cross Ukrainian Appeal.

Greeting Cards are available for £2.50 each or £10 for 5 cards (+£2 P&P UK only)*

Please specify in the description how many of each card you would like.  

Eg. 2x'Sunflowers' 3x'Blue Vase'

*Please add £2 to your order to cover Postage & Packing.



Limited Edition Glicée Prints on Canvas Frame

1.  'Sunflowers' approx. 41 x 41 cm    £150 (+£8.50 P&P)

2. 'White Vase on Grey'  approx. 41 x 41 cm    £150. (+£8.50 P&P)

3. 'Tulips and Daisies' - approx. 56 x 56 cm    £200. (+£12.50 P&P)

4.  'Two Vases'. - approx. 20 x 31 cm .     £75  (+£5.50 P&P)

Payments Accepted via PayPal.

Please write in the description the name of the print you wish to purchase & provide contact details to arrange delivery.



Scarves are made from fine delicate wool fabric using the Japanese Shibori technique to create resist patterns by manipulating the fabric with stitch.  Patterns are hand stitched into the material before dyeing in the Indigo vat.  Once the dyeing process is complete, the Shibori stitching is carefully removed, resulting in unique and delicate designs. 

Please click on the image below to see the full scarf. 

Scarf 190cm x 36cm - £45 plus p&p

Large Scarf / Wrap 190cm x 72cm - £60 plus p&p

Please be advised each scarf is hand dyed and therefore unique.  Please email to check availability before purchasing.



25g hanks of woollen yarn coloured with natural dyes.  These colours come from plants - with the exception of cochineal.  They offer a range of colours which reflect the natural world.  The colours will vary from dye bath to dye bath but this gives very attractive and subtle variation to the shades making them great for knitting fairisle.  They require washing in cool water, and if possible try not to wash dark colours with lighter ones.   

£3 each or 4 hanks for £10 - please write 'Wool Hanks' in the description.